Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shot Reminders

Surely you've seen one of these before, right? If not, you are really on it! :)

It's that time again... The First part of the month. This is always a busy time for us here at Fort Fido because it is time to update our shot records. Every month we remind folks that they have one more month to get their pets updated Vaccinations/Fecal Test Results in to us. If the month passes by and we haven't gotten an update, those individuals go on the dreaded, spooky, scary, "Black List"! Ahhh! Ok, I guess it's not that spooky or scary but your pet can not come back until we get the updated records. We don't mean to be a pain, we just like to keep all of our canine pals in tip top shape, safety and health. I know we can all agree on that! The easiest way to get us your updated records is to have your Vetinariran fax them to The Fort (253-460-0241).

At Fort Fido we require our doggy friends to be up to date with DHPP (Distemper Combo.), Rabies & Bordetella. Fecal Tests are also required, we ask that you get one when your pet's Bordetella Vacination is due. With that said, some may get a Fecal Test once a year, others twice a year. It all depends on how your Vet adminsters the Boretella Vaccine.

Old shot reminders stuck in leesh pockets or on badges, shot record dates hard to decihper, a lack of communication, etc... Mixups do happen! Please go easy on us if you feel we are wrong. We try are best to get the dates correct but it isn't always easy. Double check with your vet to confirm and have a conversation with us. There is never any need to get upset, we'll get everything squared away eventunally. :)

Take care,

P.S. One more note, if you are on the "Black List" and show up for daycare or are just busy... We can take your pooch next door to Fircrest Vetinary Hospital and get them up to date for a small fee ($10) + the Vet's bill.

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