Monday, April 25, 2011

a bit about the KING KONGS

Kongs are really great dog toys that are made in the USA.

Kongs can help you and your dog in many ways. There are various ways to utilize the Kong toy, they come in different sizes and styles for different dogs.

For puppies, they can relieve teething pain, suffice their need to chew, strengthen the jaw and help set their new adult teeth.

For other dogs, Kongs can be used as jaw aerobics, they can help relieve anxiety through chewing. They can be a wonderful training aid, used as a treat or even thrown and retrieved. Kong toys entertain and satisfy many dogs. You can even boil them in chicken or beef stock to enhance the smell and flavor. Kongs can be stuffed with carrots, peanut butter, cheese, Kumpi (kibble) or even frozen yogurt. Freezing a Kong lengthens the chewing time.

Today we caught new puppy Buddha chewing on a Kong. As you can see he loves it.

Hope you had a nice holiday,


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