Thursday, April 28, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know the meaning/origin of the name "Fido"? I didn't either but here it is...

Fido is a variant of the Latin name Fidel and the meaning of Fido is "Faithful", "I am faithful" or "I trust". Here is a link to more about the origin of the name.

Ever wonder why your pup religiously smells the floor when entering or exiting The Fort?

It's because dogs have scent/sweat glands on the bottom of their feet!

From Wikipedia: Natural dog odors are most prominent near the ears, and from the paw pads. Dogs naturally produce secretions the function of which is to produce scents allowing for species and individual animal recognition by other dogs and for use in scent-marking of territory. This is a feature they share with other canids.

For me, this explains what my mom and I call "Corn Chip Feet". Yes, smell the bottoms or pads of your dogs paws if you are brave enough... Ironically they don't stink, they smell like Fritos. Hahaha it's natural see, yum, sweaty dog feet! Want more about this topic lol? Check out this discussion from dogster.

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