Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mamma mia it's Marlo & Mia!

We had two fun loving Pugs start this morning, Marlo & Mia. They are both female, four and five years old and about 25 pounds a piece. Marlo & Mia are sisters but not litter mates, they have the same mother. We started them in the Medium Roll and they did fine... This isn't their first day at the rodeo, as we like to say lol. Marlo & Mia were chock full of spunkiness, both enjoyed frolicking around, even acting as mini Hall Monitors for a few of the rowdy youngsters. They will be a great addition to the medium pack.




  1. The girls had a great time. And, as you predicted, they slept for the remainder of the day after they got home.

  2. What a joy to know that the girls have a great place to stay, when Julie and you are not around to give them the tlc that they need! xxoo Donna, John, Ann, and Rosie