Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Head (Just one of Savannah's aliases)

"Little Savanny" started at Fort Fido in 2007. She is a terribly adorable, two year old, chocolate brown, Miniature Poodle. At first she didn't know what to think about leaving her owner, I imagine it must have been something like "You are not leaving me here with these crazies!" hahaha. Little by little Savannah overcame her separation anxiety and was more comfortable in the play area and around other dogs. It took almost two months before she "Busted Out" but she did!

Now Savannah truly enjoys coming to the fort. Her main staple is "ball time", she fiends for it, we think it is all she needs to survive lol. Despite her innocent looking disposition, she is the Alpha Leader of the Small Roll, NOBODY is rude to Savanny unless they want a quick, firm, reprimand.


P.S. Here are three articles I found of interest this morning. One, two, three!

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