Friday, November 13, 2009

$ Cashman! $

Cash is an almost three year old, 80 pound, Golden Retriever who has been coming to Fort Fido for about 2 years. He just so happens to be one of the best looking Golden Retrievers we've ever seen! His coat is a less common blond/cream color, it is extremely soft, hell, it's luxurious lol. Cash's luscious locks don't happen by accident. His owners put in a lot of hard work bathing and brushing him. The work must be done in order to keep him handsome and the house clean. Although Cashman can sow some wild oats at times, we here at the fort really like him and appreciate his extra cleanliness!

Have a great weekend,

P.S. I found an excellent article here this morning which reminded me... Happy Belated Veteran's Day! Thank you to all who have served.

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