Friday, September 30, 2016

Rigby & Rome

  Say hello to this handsome guy, Rigby. He's a little over three months old and weighs only twenty pounds; this boy has some growin to do! Rigby entered The Fort with confidence and ease when we met him Thursday morning. He was a very curious and young-spirited little puppy that was ready to burn some energy! One of the first dogs he met was a year old Goldendoodle  named Maile that joined us around this time last year. Check out the two of them meeting for the first time in the videos below.

This video was filmed right after Maile arrived for the day. As you can see, it didn't take them long to become buddies.

 Here they are goofing off and being silly with each other.


  Rome was today's assessment. This sweetie is a two year old, sixty pound, Labrador Retriever. She joined our Medium Dog Program  a little shy; she wandered around the play area and sniffed everything she could find but once she became familiar with her surroundings, she defiantly came out of her shell. She particularly took a great liking to one of The Fort's regulars, Petey.
Check em out having a blast together below!


Here she is mingling among the pack- but ends up going back to playing with Petey in the end. Lol

Both Rigby and Rome are welcome to come back anytime! I hope you all enjoyed your Fridays,

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