Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sam & Nessa

Yesterday we met Sam. Sam is a 50-pound, 9 year old, black lab/beagle/bassett mix. He entered Fort Fido as if he had a thousand times before. As he was taken into the medium roll, I saw that his tail was up and his nose on investigate mode sniffing around. I noticed that he did a lot of mingling as well as resting in the medium roll. I am sure that Sam made a few friends thought the day.

Today we met Nessa. Nessa is a 80-pound, 5 year old, yellow lab. I watched her stroll into The Fort this morning and she knew this was a place to let loose and have fun. I saw her all over the large roll with the other pups and she was having a fabulous time with them. Luckily I caught a clip of her playing with Bob Marley. Take a peek below =)

Nessa & Bob Marley

I hope that we see both Sam and Nessie return for more fun soon!

Stay happy,
- Zach

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