Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lady & Indy

Lady came in for her Assessment Day Yesterday. She is a cool and confident, eleven year old, seventy-five pound, Labrador Retriever Mix. Lady spent her first day here in The Fort's Big Roll, where she was quite happy and content. Lady has excellent canine communication skills, and it's evident that yesterday wasn't Lady's "first time at the rodeo" lol. Because of her mature age, Lady didn't get into too much feisty play, however she did seem to be quite stimulated working out all the intricacies of the pack. Lady is one neat dog-gal, that we look forward to seeing again.

Today we assessed the clever Indy! This fella is a three year old, seventy-five pound, Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd Mix. Indy came through the doors curiously. We introduced him to the Big Roll Play Area, where he proceeded to explore with his nose to the ground. After letting him acclimate for a bit, it was time for Indy to begin to meet the pack. Meeting and greeting is no problem for the very sociable Indy, he speaks good "Dog", and makes canine buddies effortlessly... He proved this, by meeting with our XL Fort Fido regular, Theodore, first, and then becoming playmates with him almost instantly. It was good stuff to see! For the rest of the morning, Indy continued to enjoy the company of the other dogs and play wholeheartedly. Indy can get a lot out of attending Dog Daycare and we are pleased to have him here, hopefully he'll return for another visit soon.

Checkout Indy and Theodore in action!

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