Monday, May 11, 2015

- Groovy Monday -

Good morning and welcome to another Monday blog post. Today is supposed to be a nice and comfy day at a high of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also supposed to be (rain) showers at some point today, so make sure that you stay dry and enjoy the warmth. Take a gander at Bodhi (that's him in the picture above), he is a shiba-inu model on instagram. There are a few of the pictures available here (and on tumblr), which are quite cute and funny (no wonder he has 191,000 followers!). Bodhi definitely looks sharp 'n cute in his pictures. Even though he looks so adorable, I could not believe that Bodhi makes ~$15k per month (wow!). It seems like it takes quite a bit of time and effort to prepare for his photo-shoots, but it is clearly well worth it! I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and enjoys this warmth.

Stay dry,
- Zach

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