Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Riley and Kylie

We had two Boxers assess with us this morning: Kiley and Riley. Read below to hear how well they did!

Riley weighs twenty two pounds and is only eighteen weeks old. This guy has lots of growing to do! I predict that he's going to turn out to be much larger than Kiley, just look at those paws! Riley joined our Medium Dog Program, but will eventually make it into our  Large Dog Program once he grows and gains more energy. 

Kylie is three weeks older than Riley (twenty-one to be exact) and weighs twenty one pounds as well! Just like her brother, Kylie joined our Medium Dog Program . She flourished and had a ball! (no pun intended) :)

Check out these two having a great time together... They seemed to make friends with pretty much any dog that gave them attention. It was adorable to watch them learn how to speak "dog" for the first time.

Riley and Kylie are more than welcome to return to The Fort for more daycare fun, whenever they please.

Have a good day,

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