Thursday, June 29, 2017

Louis Memorial

   Louis: our Doggie Daycare Veteran. He was such a good dog. We met this handsome guy for the first time back in 2008, when he was a young and spunky, three month old puppy. When Louis joined I was only eleven years old at the time; I'm now 21! That's how long this guy has been coming here. Louis was the life of the party. He always looked forward to spending the day with us, and hanging out with his Fort Fido brothers and sisters...

   We got some sad news last weekend. Unfortunately, Louis passed away. We were all devastated to hear this. He was the centerpiece of The Fort.

Louis had all kinds of personality. One thing he loved to do, was dress up every Halloween... Rick and Sandy enjoyed bringing him in, and showing us his costumes over the years... They sure did keep us on our toes! We were always looking forward to seeing what clever outfit they came up with.

Here's just a few we saw!
 (Posing as Ryan Lochte)

  They not only shared his Halloween Fun with us, but they also liked to keep us in the loop, and send us fun photos of Louis outside of The Fort.

Louis loved Sun-Bathing      Go HUSKIES!

  Halloween wasn't the only Holiday we got to celebrate with Louis. We could always count on Rick and Sandy for bringing in the Holiday Spirit every year. They loved to give us awesome Christmas Cards.

Louis was so popular here, that one of our Night Attendants decided to draw a super awesome picture of him!

 Louis was not only a daycare dog, but he also enjoyed staying the night with us from time to time... Check him out snuggling with Nancy.

Check Louis out in action below! He was definitely a lively spirit. 

  We are going to miss this big guy. The Fort just won't be the same without his sweet wrinkled face and unique spirit. 

Louis was not only a valuable member to our Large Dog Program, but he was also David and Nancy's (The owners) God Dog...

Rest easy buddy; you'll forever be in our hearts.


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