Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Water Wednesday

As Summer's approaching, our temperatures are rising. You know what that means? Water play! Here at Fort Fido, we try to make your dogs stay as fun, entertaining, and relaxing as possible. One of our favorite activities to do in the hotter months is our pool parties. During a typical hot, Washington summer day, we like to put little kiddie pools in the middle of each roll and fill it up just enough for your pups to get their paws wet. Some of them love to dig, stand, or even roll around in the water; it's quite entertaining to watch. 

Here's a video that I got of Ryker trying to eat the water out of our hose as we fill the pool up last summer. [Some of the video is in slow motion, check it out!] :D 

To keep the "slow motion theme" check out these other cool videos that I thought you might enjoy.

German Shepherd drinking water

 An assortment of dogs "shakin it off" after being wet lol

 Anyhow, that's all I have to share tonight. I'm looking forward to our water play and i'm sure your pups are as well. Have a good rest of your evening.

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