Friday, November 5, 2010

Finn's Fight

Our pal Finn is a Fort Fido good ol' boy lol. He has been coming to The Fort for quite some time. If you search for "Finn" on our blog you will find many clips of him tearing it up! We really enjoy Finn, he is a very well balanced member of our Big Roll pack. He ain't bad looking either ;). Unfortunately, Finny suffers from Canine Epilepsy... The good news is that his owners have started a wonderful non-profit organization called Finn's Fight! Their goal is to raise awareness of Canine Epilepsy and to raise money for families that can't afford the medication (it is very expensive so many pets suffer or get put down). They plan on having some local doggie dashes as well as other events to get the ball rolling. Finn already has 600 friends on facebook, wowza! Way to go Finn, Cheryl and Rob. Keep up the good fight!

Have a nice weekend,


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