Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Woofstock 2010

Woofstock is coming up! This Saturday at UPS rescue and adoption groups from all over Washington are going to be coming together in a celebration of pets and music. I had the opportunity to go last year, and had a blast. It's a wonder that I didn't come home with an extra friend or two!

At the Fort today, Jinx and Koji were having a great time together today. Jinx is an English Springer Spaniel and Koji is a Jack Russel terrier.

In other news, the reports of possibly contaminated pet foods have expanded to include more
Proctor and Gamble varieties. Even some prescription foods have been affected by this most recent recall. You can get an update on the recent pet food recalls here.

Kumpi Dog and Cat food, made in the USA, has never been recalled and is held to the highest standards. Kumpi is sold right here at Fort Fido.


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