Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Romp

Here are a few clips of the action from the Fort today.

Abner continues to surprise me with his choice of playmates! The little Basset Hound had a blast today with Oskar, a Doberman. You can also see the Samoyed Samba trying to get involved in the fun, but Abner and Oskar only had eyes for each other.

In this second clip, Samba is trying to get out a ball from inside of a larger one. These sort of puzzle toys are really popular, and are great for keeping smart dogs busy in a non-destructive way.

Last, we have a clip with Oskar, Sarah, and Chloe all playing ball. On a weekday we tend to avoid having toys with the larger dogs, but the smaller groups on Saturdays make it a much more manageable game.

Have a great weekend!


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