Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summertime Heat

It's starting to heat up, and summer safety for pets is becoming more and more important. A dog in Maryland has died after being left for too long in a hot car. Cars are especially dangerous places for both pets and people in the heat. Even after just ten minutes, a dog that is trapped in a sweltering vehicle can start to go into distress. The best thing you can do if you have to run errands, is to leave your dog someplace safe, or to go places where you can bring them with you.

Make sure while you're out and about that your pets are getting enough water. This can be hard to think of when they appear to be taking care of themselves. Whenever you go to have a drink of water, make sure your pet gets one too.

The Tacoma News Tribune had some great tips on beating the heat. The Seattle Times has a neat article tailored specifically to pet safety in the hot weather. You can watch a clip from a Canadian News Program about dogs and the heat.

In other news, a Tacoma man entered the Beneful Ultimate Dog Park contest, you can see his video entry here. If he gets chosen as a finalist, he could win $500,000 of funding for his envisioned upgrades the the off leash areas at Point Defiance Park. Make sure that you head on over and vote!

Have fun and be safe!


PS--Here are some funny pictures of dogs and sprinklers that I found. Too cute!

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