Monday, July 5, 2010

It's finally gonna get warm tomorrow

I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend! Just wanted to make a quick note about the heat wave that seems to be on it's way... Be sure to keep yourself and your pets hydrated and cool. Living in the NW, this kinda thing (61 to 80 degrees all of a sudden) can catch us off guard.

On hot days at the fort, each play area has fans and extra H2o ready to go. We also fill kiddie pools with ice towards the hottest part of the day, the dogs absolutely love this. It's fun to watch them jump in and out of the pools, hopefully I can get some clips of their antics. Luckily we stay fairly cool in this big warehouse. You can rest assured that we'll be keeping your pooch safe, hydrated and comfortable.

Take care,

P.S. I like this neat DIY Ice Treat! I may try that this season, last year, frozen water balloons (with the balloon part taken off after the freeze) worked great as an ice ball/toy.

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