Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ethical dog behavior

Pearl's mom Julia brought us this article last night, and I thought that I should share it. The article talks about some "rules" that dogs follow when they interact. It reminds me of the way that my siblings and I were expected to behave when my mom said to be on our "best behavior," lol. The four rules are (1) communicate clearly, (2) mind your manners, (3) admit when you are wrong, and (4) be honest. We see dogs playing by these rules all the time at the Fort.

I think that this video exemplifies fair play. Because of her great size, Athena the Great Dane could always be the "top dog," but she doesn't choose to exploit this. Rather, she plays nicely with the smaller dogs, Hektor the German Shepherd and Buddy the Labrador. Well, smaller in comparison to her!

Have a good evening!

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