Monday, July 24, 2017

Tibetan Mastiff

  You've probably seen this photo pop up on the internet here and there; it's a Tibetan Mastiff. Which is on the list of one of The World's largest Dog Breeds... Don't let this photo fool you though! This giant breed is much more loving and caring then you'd think. Even if they look a little intimidating!

 Originally, this breed was meant to be a great Guardian Dog in Tibet- and protect the people that lived in the Himalayan Mountains, and plains of Central Asia. Tibetan Mastiffs were so well protected, that there isn't any accurate records of the exact genetic history of this breed.

Today, in Tibet and other Himalayan regions, a pure Tibetan Mastiff is hard to find. They generally live at an altitude of 16,000 feet.

 Tibetan Mastiffs are generally a pretty quiet breed, unless they're left outside overnight. Since they've played the role of being a  "protector" for so long, being a guardian of family and children are drilled deep into their genes; sometimes its hard for them to help themselves. If you don't want your Tibetan Mastiff waking you up in the wee hours of the morning, don't leave them outside.

Yes, this breed is a great protector and friendly/loving addition to anyone's house, but they aren't for everyone. Tibetan's need to burn lots of energy every day, in order to stay sane. They can become protective and overly possessive over their human family if they aren't trained properly. Do your research and ask around before you consider bringing one of these guys home. You really have to know your dog psychology. Tibetan's need someone who is a confident trainer who is consistent and firm, but also loving. These guys are very strong willed and love to test whether you really mean what you say. This is definitely a breed I wouldn't suggest getting, if you're a first time dog owner. 

 If you do decide you want a Tibetan Mastiff, be mindful... You're cute little teddy bear puppy will soon grow into a seventy five, to one hundred and sixty pound dog. Sorry apartment livers; this may not be the right match for you!

Not only is this dog one of the largest breeds around, its also the most expensive! Have you ever heard of the iconic Tibetan Mastiff named Big Splash? That dog sold for about two MILLION dollars. Tibetan Mastiffs have become a very popular breed to own if you live in China, and are pretty wealthy. They treat them like any other status symbol. 

I hope you learned a thing or two about this ancient, well protected breed. Who would have known someone would be willing to pay a couple million dollars just for a canine companion! 

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