Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kato, Katniss & our PAWSOME Contest

 On Tuesday morning, we were greeted by these cute little fuzz balls. Kato and Katniss are both Pomeranians that are roughly ten pounds each. Katniss is the bigger sister, whose five years old and Kato is three! They both had a great first day being the newest additions to our Small Dog Program. 

Check them out, mingling with the pack below.

Both Kato and Katniss are welcome to come back for more daycare fun, whenever they want!

... Continue reading below to hear the rules of how we're doing our Basket Giveaway this time around.

Starting next Monday the 30th, and going until Thursday the 9th, we're holding our 
Valentines Day Pawsome contest!

                             Every time you bring your dog into daycare in between those days, you'll be able to guess how many treats are in this cute little container... We even made special slips for you guys to fill out as well. Don't worry, the only person that knows the TRUE number is David and his lips are sealed... ;)

 Once you've made your guess, we have a box where you'll put it in. We will eventually come back to it later, to tally up and see who our winner is!

Instead of having only one winner we figured, why not two!? So the person who wins first place will get the basket shown below, and the lucky pup who comes in second place, gets the whole container of treats.

In the event of a tie, I might add, there will be an additional drawing so don't worry


Winners will be notified on Friday, February 10th. I wish you guys luck in your guesses because I certainly need it. Guessing is not my forte. 

Have a wonderful evening, stay warm!

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