Friday, December 30, 2016

Ansel, Nadia, and Zorro

Ansel and his sister Nadia came in for their assessments early this morning. Ansel is a one-year-old, fifty-pound, Samoyed. He was very playful and had a fun day playing with all the pups in our Large Dog Program

Next up we have Ansel's older sister, Nadia. She is a six-year-old, eighty-three-pound, Samoyed. Nadia spent her time here at the Fort mingling with the other dogs and watching the puppies play.

They both did a great job today, and are welcome back anytime. We look forward to seeing them again soon.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Zorro. He is a seven-year-old, thirty-five-pound, Cocker Spaniel. Zorro joined our Medium Dog Program where he spent his time hanging out with the other dogs. He really enjoyed playing with Zoey and Allie Bee. He is welcome back anytime and we look forward to seeing him again very soon.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.
- Gary

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