Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rebel & Keys

Yesterday we welcomed the 2 year-old, 6 lbs., Toy Rat Terrier known as Rebel for her assessment. She came into Fort Fido harmonious and made her way up the stairs into the small roll with the others. She mingled with the pack throughout her time at The Fort.
Today Keys came in for her assessment. Keys is a 2 year-old, 8 lbs., Terrier mix. She came in prepared for a day to analyze her surroundings and become familiar with The Fort. As soon as she become familiar with Fort Fido, she was up and at 'em playing with the pack. We were sadly unable to snag a video of Keys playing, but that didn't stop her. =)

We hope to see both Rebel and Keys soon.

Stay warm,
- Zach

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